Sahaj Sanjaybhai Bhagubhai Bhakta (Bedoli) Cypress, CA

Sahaj Sanjaybhai Bhagubhai Bhakta (Bedoli) Cypress, CA passed away on Monday, July 1, 2024. He was a beacon of joy who brought a smile to all of us.

Survived by:
Father: Sanjaybhai Bhagubhai Bhakta (Bedoli)
Mother: Anita Sanjaybhai Bhakta (Pathradia)
Sister: Ayesha Sanjaybhai Bhakta
Grandparents: Savitaben Bhagubhai Bhakta (Bedoli), Sushilaben and
Laxmanbhai Rambhai Bhakta (Pathradia)
Aunts & Uncles: Sunilbhai & Asmitaben Bhakta (Fountain Valley, CA – Bedoli), Ketanbhai & Sunitaben Bhakta (Huntington Beach, CA – Sisodra), Rajanbhai & Sulaxaben Pai (Austin, TX – Goa)
Cousins: Saajan Sunilbhai Bhakta and Anitabhabi (Bedoli), Saavan Sunilbhai Bhakta (Bedoli), Liam Sahil Ketanbhai Bhakta (Sisodra), Amir Ketanbhai Bhakta (Sisodra), Suraj Rajanbhai Pai (Goa), Riya Rajanbhai Pai (Goa)
Niece: Maya Saajanbhai Bhakta (Bedoli)

The family humbly requests friends and family to send thoughts and prayers from home.

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

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