With heavy hearts and great sorrow, we are saddened to inform you that Parvatiben Dhirajbhai Bhakta(Orna, Saint Louis ,MO) at the age of 76 (March 1947) passed away peacefully on September 2nd 2023 survived by late Dhirajbhai Dahyabhai Bhakta , brother in law Sumanbhai Dahyabhai Bhakta , sister in law Pushpaben Sumanbhai Bhakta , Nitaben Kapilbhai , Tulsi, Bindiya,Kajal and Simran , Rajeshbhai Bhagabhai Bhakta , Seemaben Rajeshbhai Bhakta , Nitinbhai Bhagabhai Bhakta , Nishaben Nitinbhai Bhakta , Dharmisthaben Tarunbhai Desai

On behalf of Shree Ramkabir Bhakta communities worldwide, we express our sincere condolences to the family

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