Bhakta youth of Southern California A school for all Bhakta youth “BAL VIKAS KENDRA”

Just in case there are other parents who did not receive the  email:

It is required that if your children are in different age groups, they have different screens (logged in separately). Here is the break down for the students by age and Group Name. Requirement: Please have your child log in with their FirstName – Group Name


Kavita – Kamal-Kamali

Tanvi – Bal Gopal

Suhani – Ram Kabir

1. students ages below 5 – group name: Bal Gopal

2. students ages 6-7 – group name: Ram Kabir

3. students ages 8-9 – group name: Bal Kabir

4. students ages 10-11 – group name:  Ram

5.  students ages 12+ – group name: Kamal-Kamali

Details about bal Vikas Kendra


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