Madhavbhai GordhanBhai Bhakta – Funeral Update


The family of the Late Madhavbhai Gordhanbhai Bhakta deeply appreciates the sentiments from all Bhaktajan, but due to COVID-19/CDC guidelines, the family is requesting only immediate family members to attend the funeral.

Funeral will be held on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 with Services starting at 10:00AM at
Winford Funeral Home
8514 Tybor Dr
Houston, TX 77074

Please DO NOT travel long distance to attend. Alternatively, you can celebrate the life of the Late Madhavbhai Gordhanbhai Bhakta by joining us virtually. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Zoom (Virtual):
Meeting ID: 290 713 1411
Passcode  : 235152


Visit https://www.winfordfunerals.com/ and click on Late Madhav Bhakta’s photo