Alpesh Bhai Natubhai Patel(Kapura) Stillwater, MN

Alpesh Bhai Natubhai Patel(Kapura) Stillwater, MN Passed away at age 39, in Stillwater, MN. On July 27,2020.

Survived by wife Roshniben, Daughter Zaina and Son Suraj.
And Parents Natubhai Bhikhabhai Patel and Bhanuben N Patel. Woodbury, MN (Kapura)
Sister Nisha Bhakta and Niece Reya. Younger Brother Anand and sister in law Freny Presswala Patel, Eden prarie MN.

Funeral information will be posted later as available from family.

Due to Covid-19 family request NOT to travel from near or far to attend funeral as it will be limited attendance. PLEASE PRAY FROM YOUR HOME FOR DEPARTED SOUL.
On behalf of SRBS of USA and Bhakta Samaj worldwide we express our deepest condolences to the family.
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti 🙏