SHIVANI BHAKTA (Milton Keynes, UK) – First Youngest Bhakta woman to do this as far as we know.

First Youngest Bhakta woman to do this as far as we know…. I wanted to share proud moment of Shivani’s expedition to Everest Base Camp. Background information about Shivani:

1) Shivani Bhakta – age: 19

2) Eldest daughter of Pankaj Bhakta and Swati Bhakta (Milton Keynes, UK)

3) Grand daughter of Surendra Gopalbhai Bhakta (Syaldla) & Puspaben Bhakta (Malekpore) and Rajubhai Nathubhai Bhakta (Nansad) and Manjuben Govindbhai Bhakta (Degama)

4) Currently in 2nd year studying Biological Sciences at the University of Birmingham in United Kingdom

5) Shivani enjoys adventurous activities such as skydiving, swimming with whale sharks, cliff jumping and hiking mountains

6) recently climbed to Everest Base Camp and next year will be climbing Kilimanjaro

7) she enjoys fund raising for various charities 😎 she is a black belt in Karate

8) Shivani is part of the Officers Training Corp (Army Reserves) and regularly trains with them. Congratulations to her and the proud parents. Ramkabir.