Manjulaben Rameshbhai Bhakta, Walsall England

Manjulaben Rameshbhai Bhakta, Walsall England, passed away at age 77, on March 28, 2020. She is survived by brothers Sureshbhai Bhudharbhai, Rohitbhai Bhudharbhai and late Pravinbhai Bhudharbhai, and sisters Indiraben Natvarbhai, Kaushikaben Mahendrabhai and Pragnaben Nareshbhai. May she Rest in Peace. Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti.

Laxmiben Viththalbhai Patel, Kapura, Australia

Laxmiben Viththalbhai Patel of Kapura passed away peacefully at home on Morning of February 16, 2020 in Carlingford, NSW Australia. She was 92.Laxmiben was preceded in death by her husband Viththlbhai Kalidas Bhulabhai Patel of Kapura. She was daughter of Bhikhubhai Bhaktibhai Mooney of Vav. She is survived by son Bhaskarbhai and daughter-in-law Hemangini ben; […]

Ramiben Bhulabhai Bhakta (Dhaman)

Ramiben Bhulabhai Bhakta (Dhaman) passed away on 10/27/2019 at Dhaman. Bharat. She was wife of Late Bhulabhai Narsinhbhai Bhakta Mother of Babubhai Bhulabhai Bhakta (Poteau-Oklahoma) And grandmother of Pankajbhai Babubhai Bhakta. On behalf of SRBS of USA and Shree Ramkabir Bhakta community worldwide we express our sincere condolences to the family. Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Sanmukhbhai Gokalbhai Desai, Kaher, INDIA.

Sanmukhbhai Gokalbhai Desai, Kaher, INDIA. Passed away in Kaher, India. He survived by Wife Manjulaben S. Desai, Kaher, India, Daughter Amishaben Nileshbhai Desai,(vav) Panama city, Panama. Son Sandipbhai S. Desai, Kaher,India. Daughter in law Sonalben Sandipbhai Desai. Kaher, India. 🚩Antim Yatra will be on 10/6/19 at 7.30AM in Kaher, India. On behalf of Shree Ramkabir […]